Is there a wizard in YOUR class…?

Zak & TallionZak Turner appears to be an ordinary 10 year old boy in every respect, and is attending his final year at Lower Nettleton Primary School.  He has plenty of friends, good marks in school (except maths), a very clear talent as a junior footballer, and a startlingly attractive smile.  Life is perfect, but it’s all about to change dramatically…

The Zak Turner series follows Zak’s life and the lives of his close friends through their secondary school careers, whether that’s at non-magical Netherdale Academy, magical Mhonarr Castle, or in Zak and Tallion’s case both.  The challenges of school life are not the only things ahead of the boys though, for fate has set them a task that is beyond the skills of even the most accomplished wizards.  As the boys struggle to understand the depths of the darkness that lies ahead of them, the ordinary trials of life pale into insignificance as the fate of the magical and non-magical worlds alike comes to rest on their shoulders.

The story is set in fictional Netherdale, which is in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and is based on real locations with their names changed (a little bit).  Those who live there today will recognise them, and may even recognise some of the characters in the books.  You’ll have to look very hard to find Lofthouse Castle though, only a privileged few know of it’s exact location.  Mhonarr Castle, the other primary location in the series is somewhere else again.  It might be in Scotland, or it might not…  No-one knows really, but there’s no way to get there except by magical means, so you’re not going to stumble across it on your travels.  You’ll also not find it in the first book of the series, for Mhonarr only makes it’s appearance in book 2, ‘Zak Turner – A Wizard Summer’.

Don’t confuse Zak Turner with Harry Potter either.  The stories couldn’t be more different.  Set in the post Harry Potter era, Zak and Tallion spend nearly all their time in the non-magical world, coping with their magic in everyday situations and having to live with the constant need to keep it all hidden, or clear up the mess when it leaks out.  Not for them the easy life of hiding away at Hogwarts.  Their ultimate nemesis makes Voldemort look positively friendly too, but you’ll have read a long way before he shows his true face (pst – book 5 – shh).  There are some similarites, of course, and a few deliberate nods towards the iconic series, but that is only to be expected with a story about schoolboy wizards.  🙂

By the time Zak’s ready to leave school, there should have been something like sixteen books in the series, although there might be more.  That depends on you really.  If you enjoy reading about Zak’s exploits, then I might be able to stick a few extra ones in.

But we’re getting way ahead of ourselves.  At the start of the first book he’s only 10 years old, and oblivious of the magical world that lies on his doorstep…

I’m hoping to publish a book every six months or so, which is a bit stretching as I’m only a spare-time author, so be patient with me!

I hope you enjoy reading the books as much as I’m enjoying writing them.  Please send me a message to let me know what you think.

I’m still looking for an artist to bring the characters to life in line drawings to go into the books, so if you fancy getting your work into print, or know someone with a flare for drawing, then get in touch too.


Noel P


Updated 17th December 2016